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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Under Construction ……

Well you look at this shit here…. Mona Scott  hired Nikko and his wife Margo as new cast members of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta



I wonder who else is coming in we told ya’ll Neiva was going to be a new cast member….(If You Missed It Click Here)


Lets do a roll call …. Mimi Faust is still on the show , Stevie and Joseline(she suspended click here if you missed it, Nevia, and now Nikko and Margo,


Say Bye Bye  to, Kirk & Rasheeda, Kaleena & Tonya, Benzino & Althea, no word on Scrappy, The Bam Or Erica Dixon, We know Ariene will be there because Mimi is .

What do you ya’ll think about the new cast?

Mimi Say’s She Is No Longer Sleeping With Nikko

Sunday Teality……..

PhotoI was doing a little Facebook creeping and I came across this pic of Joseline holding Eve >. Stevie J & MiMi’s daughter…She look like she scared as hell in this picture …..


A Blogger Give Stevie J & Joseline The Business ( Love & Hip Hop Atlanta)

Some Blogger somewhere is feeling some type of way about Stevie J An Joseline and they ain’t speaking nothing but the truth…Read the Letter below…













Everybody on that show has fought..but now that it is Joseline it’s the most ????….All the women Joseline tagged in the face was the one’s talking all that mess about her be hide her back…I am not mad a Joseline for doing what she did……..Joseline Pops off and Jumps Off!!!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Review….( My Two Cents)

Erica Dixon is lame She did all that crying about shay & Bambi cheating with scrappy while she was with him.. but turned around and did the same thing while shay was with scrappy and while Bambi was with scrappy…she gave it up for a uno game some cheap drinks and a $55 hotel room.. Hello kettle meet pot….that baby mama shit is over rated….

And it seemed like Karlie Redd was the side chick and didn’t know she was….

Karlie Redd is played herself has she always dose… She can’t keep a man because she thinks sex is the only way to keep a man around…. Karlie be more focused on the if the man is cheating then the man himself….She has a new man every season who will it be next season? 

And who takes a LTD test when they know they going to fail it?…. Scrappy….well at least him and Bambi on they same page… and she said it right….. she ain’t trying to marry scrappy and there is nothing wrong with that ….they dating.. the rest of the chicks looking for a husbands….because they feel if they have a man that it validates them some how…Look at me i can get a man… least Bambi know what she wants….

Erica loves drama that’s why she kept that hotel receipt from two weeks ago.

Lets not forgot get Erica has to take care of a man to keep him around…just so happen for scrappy she only have to give it up for him to stay around….

But did you check out the ending tho?

Joseline give them hoe’s what they want at the end don’t she…

We going to have to wait til next week to see what go’s down….


MiMi Finally Stop Lying About The Sex Tape




After all that lying ,screaming and yelling MiMi did trying to justify why she did a sex tape and how it was just something her and Nikko do ..( film them self’s having sex) Now Mimi can keep the lies straight and the truth comes out.. and Erica acts as if her that’s going through this .. she so dramatic…..Ariane just needs to mind her business..Something about that chick rubs me the wrong way.. But here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s episode

And The Oscar Go’s To?!

Mimi Nikko

Did y’all watch Love And Hip Hop Atlanta last night?

When I tell you I wanted to reach in the tv and choke Mimi till she stop breathing.. I’m dead serious!

It seems like to me that Mimi is down for whoever is giving her beef cake….. an the moment it’s this snake name Niko.

Mimi is so whipped by this clown that she has first,….. let him talked her into having sex on tape…..second,…. this dumb ass woman flies to LA to talk about releasing the sex tape that was stolen from Niko.. (So his sneaky ass say! ) In the same breath crying and whining about the fact that she has a little girl. Then with the quickness…they want to sell it.. did you hear when this Nigga kept saying but ….after Mimi kept bring up her child…What he meant to say was …..but fuck your child let’s get this bread!…. And that’s what Mimi did. All that damn crying .. If her ass was feeling that bad her ass would have not flew to LA and signed them papers.

This chick thinks that sending Joseline a stripper pole for her wedding gift would somehow hurt Joseline’s feelings.

It Didn’t!

Joseline was mad because Erica Dixon with her weak ass and Ariane? was question her like they was her BFFS…or something. Adriana is on the show for what? Who is she and why is she here? Security!!!!!!!! 

And Erica and Ariane have no life.. yeah Erica talking about her boo on the show who is now her bo no longer!

Her dumb ass let scrappy come right back to her after he been running around with Shay, Bambi and the new chick named Eric who may or may not be pregnant.

Erica put this picture up of scrappy laying in her bed sleep a few weeks ago

No dumb dumb he comes back because you let him.. if your his back bone then your  a super weak back bone!


At least Joseline can owe up to her shit and her past.. Mimi even after putting out a sex tape to try to keep a man & and her tv gig …is below and stripper!

Hello Pot Meet Kettle!

If you missed the boring ass sex tape don’t waste your bread Click Here

Have You Seen MiMi Faust Sex Tape Yet?

If you have not seen the sex tape yet click a photo and get a look at hit here…..( clicking these pics you must be 18 and older xrated)

I found it a little boring myself … but I will let you be the judge……….click on the photos  to see sex tape!


Had To Post It Again!


Iyanla Vanzant fixes Mimi Faust’s life.

A spoof of Iyanla Fix My Life MiMi Faust


MiMi Speak Out On Sex Tape…….. Gassed Up!

Love in the Clubnikkothe1

Rumor Has It! NIs MiMi Faust On Them Blurred Lines?

I ran across some interesting tea and it lays all claim to MiMi Faust playing with her nose!

Ill Seed Of Hip Hop  Writes:

Sheesh! You do a porno with a shower curtain and you get all this newfound attention. I guess “sex tapes” are not played out after all. I thought they were corny and the door closed once KK came through as a star. But, never FRET, Mimi is here but how…? I am hearing from a couple of sources that Mimi is actually and factually on that White Girl. I mean, these people INSISTED that she’s on that White! I personally have no prior knowledge of that, but I’m just saying.

she looks high in this pic… look at jermaine dupri in the back… looking at MiMi like she crazy!

This rumor could explain her odd, erratic behavior as of late. I dunno

Twitter had a little dirt on miss goody two shoes also:

There are rumors that she has been doing drugs for years…and a jump off.. Rumor has it that she use to fool around with Ja Rule while he was married, Usher While he was married.

MouthTo Ears says:Mimi is friends with Sarah who has a baby by Diddy and Hannah from Grand Hustle. She used to always get invited out to parties because they knew she and her crew could get the party POPPIN! Usher and MiMi have had a side thing for 6 to 7 years. She was letting Usher smash while he was with Chilli and even while married to a pregnant Tameka. Mimi even knows that Tameka knew about the affair. If you pay attention to what Stevie says in Love and HipHop he told her on the finale ” I gave you a baby other n-ggas just toss you to the side” that was in reference to Usher.

Maybe this is way Mimi is swinging from shower rod’s we don’t know….I’m still mad that she sold the rights to her sex tape for a 100K and that it has sold out before it has hit the shelf and she will she none of that money… moving way to fast and not thinking .. just like she did when her Niko mad that tape…. all on tv acting like she did not know how it got out in one sence and in the same breath making plans to sell it in another sence.

What people won’t do for money?

Kim & Ray J Taught Me

So i guess being on reality tv was not enough coins for Mimi Faust and Nikko.

The two Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality show stars are doing a kim &b Ray J….Well Stevie J Make a I hit it first song?

I would write more but the layout on is bullshit… they saying shit like …Mimi Faust and Nikko, two of the hottest personalities on VH1’s reality series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Lies!

She’s a beautiful and clever businesswoman; he’s an artist/music mogul entrepreneur who has worked with some of the top names in music. What… Who?

The movie will be available online at as of April 21 and it will be in stores nationwide on April 29.

Rumor Has It

Rumor has it that Mimi Faust is engaged to her on and off again boyfriend Nikko…..

It is rumored that Mimi was wearing a nice big ring at the Married To The Medicine premiere party on Thursday night in Atlanta, GA.

They are not announcing the engagement because it will be showed on the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Monday, May 5 at 9 p.m. ET on VH1.

Can’t wait to see how this plays out….



MiMi Faust Hot Or Not?


@Mimi Stay Playing Herself

Mimi stay playing herself..She must have did it before (the threesome) with some one else for him to throw that out there… And if she not into that type of thing she should have kept on moving For her to get mad cause he said it seemed suspect to me!
She was really ready to fight her friends for a nigga she was fucking, then she kept hearing shit about dude (same shit k Michele told her dumb ass) she came up with I wasn’t in the video enough I don’t like him no more , let me sweet talk Stevie make him think I ain’t mad no more come see my new video know she ain’t hardly in it … Where my new boo who gave me the fake Rolex that you notice didn’t have no diamonds but couldn’t tell it won’t real…. Will be cause its his party…. Where you know Stevie will show up and show out so he can stunt on dude and still please you… Now she think her and Stevie going to wok out again because she got a car… And go break up with dude…. Who just voiced his view because y’all suppose to be a couple but you pinning foe your baby daddy using dude for attention she knew Stevie come running …dude my have been rude but he was speaking his mind…she had bags and everything over dude house…talking bout she won’t feeling dude … He don’t want Mimi no way , he just wanted his face on tv to grow his brand..



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