Nelly and Miss Jackson were working on a reality show?

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“Nelly and Miss Jackson want to be on TV. For the past few weeks I have been seeing Miss Jackson and Nelly filming for what I believe is a reality show. The most recent time was in Philly at LeSean McCoy’s Shady Weekend. Nelly was in the celebrity basketball game. Miss Jackson came to support and the cameras were there to film it all. They were also filming at the MLB all star bash. But before I get into all that, let me tell you about where Nelly and Floyd’s issues really stem from. Floyd accused Nelly of messing with his baby momma Melissa from St. Louis but before Floyd ever met Miss Jackson, she was messing with one of Nelly’s associates.


Miss Jackson used to mess with Nelly’s former business associate, Loose Cannon Slim. If you remember correctly, him and Nelly got into it on Twitter. (Edited to say, it’s posted HERE) Slim called Nelly broke, saying he spent all his money on pills, coke and gambling and that’s the real reason he moved to ATL. Nelly is not only using Miss Jackson to get back at Floyd, but to get back at Slim too. He’s trying to kill two birds with one stone.

There’s more though. Floyd met Miss Jackson because of Slim. Slim was still messing with Miss Jackson when he put together SoSo Def Weekend one year in Atlanta. He flew Floyd down to host a party. The IntercontinentalHotel was the spot everyone was staying at and Miss Jackson was staying in Slim’s room at the time. She met Floyd at the Intercontinental Hotel during SoSo Weekend when he caught her by the elevator. Floyd was coming on her hard and she went for it. Me and my girls tried to tell her Floyd was no good but she wasn’t trying to hear us. So, basically Floyd stole Miss Jackson from Slim and Nelly is trying to get back at them all. I will send you more info soon.”

Looks like the tea has runneth over.

Yaaaaaaaaasssss! Miss Jackson & Nelly!

The Champ Is Here!

Floyd Mayweather said that he’s not going to let folks speak about him and they on the outside looking in.

He said the real reason that he and Miss Jackson are not together anymore is because she had an abortion and that she never told him about it , he found the papers snooping I guess.

Miss Jackson who is now dating rapper Nelly

Miss Jackson must be pillow talking with Nelly.. rumor has it that Floyd treats his girlfriends well when it comes to buying things like bags, and shoe, and jewelry .. going on trips and things.. but his personality is real rude.

Nelly took a shot a Floyd on twitter last night and not long after 50 Cent did too:



The rumors maybe right we should ask Ray-J if since Floyd’s women like to talk and Ray -J is now dating one of Floyd Mayweathers ex Princess Love .. Yeah Ray- J took One Of Floyd’s girls too!

We know for certain Nelly or Ray -J not just running up taking Floyd Mayweather Women… so these rumors may be the truth… Floyd Just got a lot of money to throw around remember the chick that said his penis was small and had a picture to prove:

Yeah HUH! Floyd we going need you to improve on that personality or you well never keep a chick……




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