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Some Changes Have Been Made(The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 7 Trailer)

I knew I was right about Claudia Jordon….Messy Messy Messy!




Joe Budden was arraigned on assault charges yesterday, then released from jail after his mom posted $10,000 bail.

Benzino was talking mess about the writers over at Bossip…. Decided that it wasn’t what he really wanted to say ..deleted it and reworded and posted it again.

Kenya Moore is gearing up for the new season of The Real House Wives Of Atlanta…She is on instagram throwing all kinds of shade a NeNe Leaks…. #NeNeleakes

Kandi Burruss …..

Kandi said she is wearing a corset in this picture she said she got it from …@mrswrightway….got check her out…

Remy Ma said that her husband Papoose was Band from coming to she her while she was in jail….because of a rumor that he was going to break her out of jail….

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The Nene Leakes Collection

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NeNe Leaks Voted Off Dancing With The Stars

Now maybe she can start acting like herself again!

I know it’s not just me… But when NeNe is at the top of her game she looks down on others… The way she carried herself in This past season of The Real HouseWives Of Atlanta like she was better than anyone else on the show.

Even her friend of many years Cynthia Bailey. They ended they friendship this season because of how NeNe treated her with no respect and being very disrespectful to her husband Peter calling him a bitch on the show.

LAst Night , NeNe Leakes was voted off “Dancing With The Stars….. ANd if no one tod Mrs. Leaks that they where proud of her ….. it didn’t matter because she told herself.


I guess we can expect to see NeNe ride this out all week on a morning tv shows….Don’t for get that NeNe has a Vegas Show coming up soon too… Click Here If You Missed It And I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last of NeNe Leaks.

NeNe Leakes Makes Her Debut on Dancing With The Stars

Caption This

See what happens when NENE LEAKES meets Naomi Campbell! Watch the full version here.:

NeNe Leakes Confirmed for Dancing with the Stars

Yesterday the cast for Dancing with the Stars season 18 was announced and NeNe Leakes joins other illustrious superstars such as Billy Dee Williams, Cody Simpson, Danica McKellar, Diana Nyad, James Maslow, Sean Avery, Charlie White, Cameron Bure and Drew Carey. NeNe will be paired with dance pro Tony Dovolani.

Shade Throwing!

Nene Leaks and Marlow Hampton must have been watching the show last night…. Because they threw a little shade at each other on tweeter last night around the time The Real House Wives Of Atlanta aired .

See The tweets below:

NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton react to their fight on  The Real Housewives of Atlanta    Rolling Out

On the last episode NeNe and Marlow almost got the rumbling at Cynthia Bailey’s “Bailey Bowl”.

Now rumor has it that NeNe was jealous because Marlow had been hanging out with Kenya Moore more than she has with NeNe, and NeNe felt  some type of way about it. Marlow keeping it classy, didn’t think it was a big deal , and wanted to show her love for NeNe by giving her a hug and NeNe backed off from the hug , she didn’t want to hug , she wanted to beef!

“You don’t know what a real friend is!” Marlow screamed.

NeNe  threw a water bottle and walked away.

Marlow also called NeNe’s weave a Donald Trump wig!

I don’t believe these two we’re  friends.

After the show Marlow blog about the show and gave her side of the TEA!

Well, my time on the show this week was brief and unfortunately, I couldn’t be there for the charity event. I was already scheduled to be out-of-town for another engagement, but definitely supported Ms. Kenya and the very worthwhile cause she wanted to help. Let me start by saying that while Kenya and I are not best friends, (we only met recently) I refuse to let others determine whether or not I should befriend her.  She has done nothing but support me and whenever we’re together we always have a grand ole time. I don’t need to sit in judgment of her… She has enough judges and juries already! As far as I’m concerned, we’re cool!  Time will tell how it all works out in the long run, won’t it?

As I said, when I first started spending time with NeNe, (who initially was not too happy about me being on RHOA, but then “appeared” to take me under her wing), I didn’t let the warnings from Kandi and Phaedra deter me from giving her the benefit of the doubt. I looked up to her as a big sister since she and my oldest sister, (who is 8 years my senior and full of wisdom) are the same age. I really thought she understood where I came from and how I was trying to change my life for the better, just as she had done. We all have a past, but we can choose to leave it behind us. (I guess I should have listened to the ladies, huh? Sorry…)

I’ve been called an opportunist, often! But honestly, who among us does not take advantage of opportunities that improve the quality of our lives and allow us to realize our dreams? Who among us doesn’t use our gifts, brains, beauty and talents to our benefit? Let she/he who lives in the glass house, (of delusions) throw the first stone at me. Unlike some of us, I don’t believe that there are people who “are not on my level!” Last I heard, God created all of us equal.

That “taste” of Hollywood is like fresh, sweet ice cream. The only problem is, eventually it will melt and the “taste” will fade leaving not even a linger of flavor…  Perhaps some of us should learn the meaning of humility because just like an elevator, the people you put off, might be the same ones you want to hold the door when you’re trying to get back on… Ijs!

See ya next week. Muah!


Like i said before they both need something from the other and now that they got it , the don’t need to be friends. The way NeNe going she going to be just chilling with Greg!


NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton Beef Some More!

 NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton are still at it! They were suppose to be friends .

I  believe they relationship was but of then using each other.

Marlo to be on TV and be come reality show famous even tho she is not on the show that often, an NeNe the queen of let’s get it started and blame it on the next,  did just that, She lead Marlo thur the door and knowing her back ground , the other ladies would have a problem with it which would cause drama and NeNe loves drama!

In a preview for next Sunday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” you well see Marlo and NeNe get into at  Cynthia Bailey’s celebrity baseball game.

 It gets a little more than heated and when Marlo was ready to put them paws on NeNe her and Greg Left.

Rumor has it that the beef started  back in october at a bowling match and NeNe poured water on a producer who is to say got it started.

NeNe later jumped on tweeter claiming how she helped Marlo out , throwing shade and playing the victim.


NeNe …. SIT!


@NeNeLeakes Opened Up Her Own Production Company

NeNe Leakes has had her hand in many pots, And now she is trying her hand in  Production. NeNe shared with twitter tonight that her company NeNe Leaks Entertainment is up and running and ready to go and also shopping for some talent.

Good Luck NeNe!

(If you looking for a talk show host (HINT , HINT)

Marlo Hampton Says She Is No Longer Best Friends With NeNe Leaks

In a new interview with “The DeShai Cole Show,” Marlo revealed that she and Leakes are still far from best friends.

“We’re not the best of friends now,” Marlo revealed. “Nothing really happened. You know how friends have their highs and lows. Right now we’re just at one of our lows. I’m sure we’ll get back to our high.”

“I look up to NeNe like a big sis. NeNe would be the one I would listen to,” Hampton said. “She has that motherly feel without being my mom.”

“To tell you the truth it ain’t nothing,” Hampton said. “True friends should fall out and have a disagreement, but I feel true friends should also be able to come back together.”




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