Joe Budden was arraigned on assault charges yesterday, then released from jail after his mom posted $10,000 bail.

Benzino was talking mess about the writers over at Bossip…. Decided that it wasn’t what he really wanted to say ..deleted it and reworded and posted it again.

Kenya Moore is gearing up for the new season of The Real House Wives Of Atlanta…She is on instagram throwing all kinds of shade a NeNe Leaks…. #NeNeleakes

Kandi Burruss …..

Kandi said she is wearing a corset in this picture she said she got it from …@mrswrightway….got check her out…

Remy Ma said that her husband Papoose was Band from coming to she her while she was in jail….because of a rumor that he was going to break her out of jail….

Real Love And Hip Hop!! ( I Love Remy Ma Welcome !! ) Shoot Out To Papoose



Papoose Say’s He’s Better Than Everybody…. Even Jay Z

(Via: AllHipHop News) Since Papoose’s unexpected performance at the end of Kendrick Lamar’s set at Hot 97’s Summer Jam XX last year, Papoose has been two things: prolific and brazen. In an interview with The New York Daily News, Pap proclaims his “King of New York” dominance over all MCs, promises to release an album every month and more.

Papoose, who has dissed Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Trinidad James since last summer, points to his lyrical dexterity that puts him above the rest:

Nobody is better than me — Jay-Z, nobody. None are more lyrically inclined than me. None of them. I’m definitely the king of New York. I am the greatest out of New York.

Papoose’s last album, the perpetually delayed Nacrimea Dream was released March 2013 and has sold 17,000 to date. Papoose claims that his lack of commercial success will not deter him and in response he will embark on the most prolific promotional campaign of his career:

I’m going to release a body of music every month.” I don’t feel like there’s no artist out there doing that.

From the jump you can tell that ani’t no damn body Checking for  Papoose !

As you can tell because that image up there is the frist image that popped up in the google search … Papoose need some bread…….Remi Ma need so money on her books!



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