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Allegedly Chad Johnson’s Co-star In Sex Tape


Theresa Runyon , AKA Wankaego is from what I Googled,  lol a Video Girl, Urban Model or what ever they like to call them self theses days. I have nothing against it what ever it may be called. Anyway.. This is supposed to be the girl that was in the sex tape with Chad Johnson. “She don’t even have a Wikipedia page.”  ( In K Michelle’s Voice) She ‘s been on a cover of a Black Men Magazine, A few rap video, And she’s A  WSHH Chick. Wants to be a Singer, Rapper, Actress, ETC. ETC.


No Word on who leak the little snip bit of video, which has been taking off  the internet because Chad has got the FBI Involved to find out who leak the video and to keep the entire video from ever being put online again.

And ms @wankeago had this to say to her haters on Twitter

 @wankaego: If i block you and you make a new page to tweet me from it makes you seem

like a stalker. I’m just saying…

Chad said that the video was three or four years old , so i guess that’s why she’s not that bother….I Guess!


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