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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Under Construction ……

Well you look at this shit here…. Mona Scott  hired Nikko and his wife Margo as new cast members of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta



I wonder who else is coming in we told ya’ll Neiva was going to be a new cast member….(If You Missed It Click Here)


Lets do a roll call …. Mimi Faust is still on the show , Stevie and Joseline(she suspended click here if you missed it, Nevia, and now Nikko and Margo,


Say Bye Bye  to, Kirk & Rasheeda, Kaleena & Tonya, Benzino & Althea, no word on Scrappy, The Bam Or Erica Dixon, We know Ariene will be there because Mimi is .

What do you ya’ll think about the new cast?

‪‎Morgan Hardman‬ of ‪#‎LHHH‬ showed off her natural hair


@thatshekinah praises ‪#‎monascott‬


“@monascottyoung is a real BOSS she is smart and she is making big moves!!!! See look at women like this and go for it!!!! @monascottyoung is doing her thing and she is a women!!!!!! I just wanted to give us as women something to put on our mind… the sky is the limit fuck sitting around waiting on any one to do it for you just do it yourself!!!! And that’s what ever it is in your heart or your mind that you want to do. Women are smart it’s more to life then laying on your back!!!!! Ask GOD to show you what’s for you!!!! Wait and he will show you!!!! But women let’s take a stand we are everything!!!!! We are powerful!!!!!”


Black Sororities Don’t Like The New VH1 Show “Sorority Sisiters”


VH1 has done it again with a new reality show called “Sorority Sisters”

I don’t think it’s that bad that folks should be boycotting VH1 or The show I just think they can do better and if Sorority’s don’t like it then don’t watch it.. Really… who sets there and watch a whole episodes and complain about it the whole time…..

I watched about 15 mins of it and it was boring to me …. The cast story lines “BORING” the petty beef “BORING” …….Come on VH1 ya’ll can do better… this is worst than that show on Lifetime “BAPS”…. I give it two thumbs down.

What did you think? Did you watch it?

KIMBELLA IS BACK on Love & Hip Hop!!!

KIMBELLA IS BACK on Love & Hip Hop!!! –

Omarion & Apryl Jones #LoveandHipHopHollywood #VH1 #LHHH

Photo: Hey CNikky Knacks!  Guess What...I'm Sitting Down With #LHHH Stars Omarion & His Girl #AprylJones For An Exclusive Interview Tmrw! What Questions Do You Want Me To Ask Them? #LoveandHipHopHollywood #VH1


Mimi Say’s She Is No Longer Sleeping With Nikko

Drama With The Black Ink Crew Cast….

Ray J On Why He Broken Up With Teairra Mari

Get Ready For Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Teairra Mari

Use to Be called “Princess” Of Def Jam….I didn’t get the memo on that either but that what they saying…Jay Z had big plans for her until Rihanna came along.

Teairra went independent .. Soulji Boy helping her out..

That didn’t turn out as planned and she teamed up with Rico Love.

Well she start giving it up to Rico love … you know the saying don’t mix business with pleasure…

Omarion…. engagement and the birth of his son the plot line for him…

Lil Fizz and Raz B…Omarion’s ex band members (B2K)….

Ray J & His piece Princess Love….Who use to be a stripper in Vegas.. who use to be engaged to Floyd Mayweather….Yes Ray J stole Floyd’s girl ….during the days Floyd and Ray J was cool…

Princess love sounds like a (THOT) she also slept with 50Cent …Floyd and 50 not friends anymore either….

50 cent must felt some type of way because he is the on that let everybody know that Princess was creeping with Ray J….

The Cast Of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood ( Love &b Hip Hop LA)

The installement of the reality show will have a all new cast of celebrities and musicians including Ray J, Soulja Boy, Omarion, Lil Fizz, Yung Berg, rapper Hazel E, Power 106 DJ Yesi Ortiz, club promoter Sincere, and real estate heir Nikki Mudarris. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Airs Monday Sept. 15 8pm on VH1

Rumor Has It : Love And Hip Hop New York Cast!

Via  As we previously reported, Joe Budden and Tahiry have left the show. Who we’ve confirmed will appear on the show is: Yandy Smith (and her alleged pregnancy), Mandeecees, Peter Gunz, Tara & Amina Buddafly, Erica Mena who gets into a fist fight with Cyn Santana this season, Rich Dollaz and surprisingly Rah Ali will be returning. We’ll also get introduced to rapper Chiink Santana and his girlfriend Chrissy, music exec Cisco Rosado (who briefly dated Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives) along with his girlfriend and J. Dinero, the female artist Yandy interviewed last season that shared Yandy’s experience in dealing with jailbird men.

Momma Dee Love Spilling The Tea


Mama Dee love telling all of Srappy’s business….

She keeps trying to tell Bambi that Scrappy is a little puppy dog ….. Remember when she told Bambi about Shay….

 Click here if you missed it.





















Well Now Mama Dee is putting Scrappy’s business out there once again and it’s about fronting ass sugar mama Erica Dixon!

Mamma Dee tells Madame Noire:

“Erica, I respect her as my granddaughter’s mother. I tried to apologize to her [on Thursday’s nights episode] for any wrong that I’ve done to her.

“Do you know that b*tch came for me at the reunion? She came for me, baby. I had to lay that b*tch to rest and I did. Scrappy left the set two hours early on the second day. And I guess she felt that I was the weaker link and because Scrappy wasn’t there, she could come for me. No, boo Scrappy is the weakest link because if he wasn’t he wouldn’t still be f*cking you behind Bambi’s back.”

Mamma Dee tried to tell Bambi that there are always one more egg in the basket.

Scrappy needs to man up or be single with his dog ass.. He got ride of lame crying ass Erica Pinkett the weakest chick i have ever seen .. catching feelings over text messages.

I can’t wait to see this reunion … First the Joseline fight now this…The Reunion is going to be fire!!

Karlie Redd………. A #sidepiece That Thought She Was The #MainChick

Atlanta Exes (Supertrailer)


Torrei Hart (Kevin Hart’s Ex), Tameka Raymond (Usher’s Ex), Monyetta Shaw (Ne-Yo’s Ex), Christina Johnson (CeeLo’s Ex) and Sheree Buchanan (Ray Buchanan’s Ex)

Atlanta Exes is slated to premiere next month.

Joseline Gets Beat Down Twice At LHHATL Reuion













The Baddest Bish jumped up to beat down at the LHHATL Reunion by Althea and Tammy….Joseline kept yelling she was going to see these hoes and got seen… and afterwards Althea wanted to know what Joseline was looking like..

But it didn’t stop there.. Tammy (Waka-Flocka’s wife) gave it to joseline too…

Even Bambi put her two cents in on it..

It’s rumored that Deb( waka’s mom) and bambi jumped in to help Tammy out…


Joseline said she was jumped…….



But Althea lets us know that was not the case…

I cant wait to see this mess.. stay tuned ya’ll!

Here a clip of the reunion back stage.. thanks to our peeps over at the … Benzino and stevie have a few words also…

Brian Mckee Wants To Save His Marriage To Drea

I have express my opinion about these to many times on twitter.

Andrea is a wonderful heart-felt person from what I see on the show Hollywood Exs, I believe that the reason she married Brain is because she had a weak moment because she is lonely.

Brain took advantage of her in this weak moment.

I am not going to talk about him to bad like I did before click here if you missed it.

I see why Drea love the man .. I mean look at him.. he is fine .. but I bet all the tea in China he knows this, and uses it get him Thur life.

If you don’t know Brain cheated on Drea with more than on women and was hitting these women up for money. Hoeing himself out for that lean mean green!

Drea filed for divorce last week, but Brain is not ready to let the coat tell that he is riding be snatch from up under him just yet.

Brain set down with Sister 2 Sister Magazine and express his love for his wife:

“We’re working things out, at least my desire is to work things out and pull things together and just try to rebuild if at all possible. I love my wife and this has been a trying time.

“I apologize for any wrongdoing that was done in this matter. I’m deeply sorry for any embarrassment that I’ve caused her, any hurt that I’ve caused her and any individuals included in this matter. I just really want to own up to it and move forward at this point…Just hurting my wife, period, is what I’m owning up to.”

The TV show is what made these people come forward, what made these people say anything. If you knew about a matter eight months ago or a year ago or two years ago, why did you wait until the day of the show to bring this out? Had the TV show not come on, no one would have said anything.”

You would think Drea knew better and learned from before,  I guess when your heart is running the show you just jump out the window…

I think at this point Brain is just using his gift of gab and good looks to sway Drea.

I hope she does not fall for it.. Run Girl ! He is no good..

Andrea Kelly’s New Husband Ain’t S&!t

So, if you been watch Hollywood Ex you would have seen that R Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea has her a new man Brian McKee and they are getting married.

Well they did get married two months ago! But that nots it …

Mr Mckee is a hot mess on sunday morning….he is cheating on Andrea already.. The damn ink ain’t dried on the marriage certificate and the drama and cheating are all ready being served.

And it seems to me that little clip we see when Brian defending himself  so hard wanting to fight… is because the opportunist thing is the truth!

He asking chicks for money and everything … grown ass man with no gig, no job, no nothing Lord Jesus

We can just image what the drea for… and what he was giving him?

@KarlieRedd Dose The Most

Now that the it’s over…Karlie Redd will jump on anything hard and that pays her a little attention.

Karlie Redd go’s below the belt when a man don’t want her anymore. remember when she said that Benzino’s man parts was nothing compared to Young Yoc! Click here in case you missed it!

Karlie Claims that she put Young Joc on….She tells The Hip Hop Enquirer that she feels used … and… that young Joc is a has been. you can see how fucked up her mind frame is look how she keeps trying to indicate that Benzino still wants her and that Benzino’s new girlfriend is using him to get her life!

Just watch this interview ( I can’t with this hoe)

Karlie Redd is doing anything to keep her lame ass on tv, she stays being messy because she knows we love other people’s drama.

Karlie  is  hot mess on sunday morning… Leave that man be.. you didn’t want him when he wanted you .. now that somebody else got him you want him…! Pitiful




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