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The Wade/Union “union” is official. Congrats!

Trouble In Pradise

ti & tiny

Last week Tiny had everybody’s attention on twitter and instagram when she posted this



Having some of us thinking things might be right at home!

Now I guess Tip feel the same way

He also went to instagram ,

Posting a throwback Thursday picture,

tips mom


Is there trouble in the Harris household?

Erica Mena And Rich Dollaz Engaged?

Rumor has it that Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz are engaged. Stay tuned!

The Streets Say Beyonce And Jay-Z Are Not What They Seem

These Streets be talking and they say today that the Perfect Union of the Carter’s ain’t so perfect. The street say that the Carter’s live in separate House in separate states. According to the Streets Mrs Carter Lives on the whole entire 18th floor of a condo complex in Miami.

They say Mr Carter is staying close to home in New York!

DJ Envy Say Erica Mena Is Beneath Him

As you know I posted that Erica Mena From Love and Hip Hop and DJ Envy had a affair even tho he was married for eighteen years. He was asked to comment on the affair and this is what he said…..

“With being insecure, with me being weak. I was so insecure and so down..I started messing with somebody that was beneath me. A bird. Evil. A liar. Somebody that was desperate and its just so pathetic. I mean, I didn’t have to feed this person no feed. I didn’t have to make her feel special, because she wasn’t. So that’s what it was.”

Damn if Eric’s that bad Rich better run and take cover!


Get The Gun! Give It To kenya Moore

images (74)

Get The Gun and give it to Kenya Moore!

So the fake relationship soon to be married and have some baby’s and become a real Atlanta House Wife didn’t work out for miss i get mistaken for Beyonce’.

Well She currently has a new t-shirt line and now a new song, “Gone With the Wind Fabulous”.

Andy Cohen played part of the track on his show “Watch What Happens Live”.

images (75)

Kenya will perform the song this Sunday on Andy’s “Watch What Happens Live”.

It will also be available on iTunes Sunday night.

Trouble in Pardise For Monica & Shannon Brown

images (68)

Corie Zenobia (Or at least that what she gose by) Spilled some interesting tea.
That Proves Shannon cheat on Monica with her. And spilled it she did on Instagram.

images (69)


What Do You Think Monica Said?

Love&HipHop NewYork

Rapper Says He Has Naked Pictures of CoCo

CoCo has F’d up now not only has she been caught in pictures with the rapper AP9, he is now claiming that he has some naked ppictures of her and are selling them to the highest bidder! Damn CoCo!


Sources tell Radar Online

“AP.9 has been bragging that he has photos of Coco with him in a private room inVegas, and that in some of them she’s on a bed, totally naked!”

“He’s been putting feelers out to see if people want to buy the pictures and he’s claiming they’re really salacious and that a LOT more happened with Coco than just them posing in a night club.

via Rhymes with Snitch | Entertainment News | Celebrity Gossip: Rapper Says He Has Naked Pictures of CoCo.

Rihanna dumps Chris Brown for good this time, MAYBE!

RiRi is supposed to have dumped Chris Brown for good this time, because he had sex with Another chick besides her and Karreuche in a another country. I suppose that he was to only to sleep with Karreuche and her. So When Rihanna found out she called it quits and put up this Instagram post up

confirming that it’s over. I don’t think so myself, I mean she going to break up with him by choice because he so-called cheated , but would go back to after he was supposed to have beat her! Yeah she will be back!
Check out store at

Rihanna dumps Chris Brown for good this time.

Chad Wants His Family Back!

Chad Johnson says after the tragic deaths of Jevon Blecher and his girlfriend , that life’s to short and he wants his family back! Do you think him and Eve can work it out!


Jump Off (the book)

I just happen to be online, just random looking at this or that, trying to find a story that caught my eye. And Jara Everett was what caught my eye today. If you don’t know who she is, (i didn’t either and still not sure lol) she suppose to be some kind of rapper( i YouTube her not at all a hook here and here) i never heard of, so the rapper part did not get my attention…..the fact that she wrote a book saying she had sleep with people in the industry interested me……so i bought the book because I’m just nosey like that.
From the beginning it was good, R Kelly has a big dome! How she was sleeping with Suge Knight, hanging out with 2Pac, Washing Jazzepha like he was a new-born baby boy! Smdh! I don’t believe have the mess in the book of how she was a jump off,…… every nigga wanted her oppose to her messy friends, cause she thur them under the bus, picked them up and thur them back a few times in the book. Some friend! And i refuse to believe that Young Jezzy sex game is dull, he must thur you off the bus?? Lol And the whole time she or her friend was sleeping with Jezzy while he was in a relationship with Keisha Coles! All in all the book was interesting and worth buying if you in to this type thing….Of course you are or you wouldn’t be reading this!!!2012-11-30-23-38-05--1502533329

Tameka Foster Sends Subliminal Shots At Usher

After all that’s happened to Tameka Foster in the last couple months, she is still remaining positive. In response to the courts decision to award Usher full custody of their two children, Foster got on Twitter and seemed to be giving herself some encouragement and also taking slight jabs at her ex, Usher.

“A woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing…A mans loyalty is tested when he has everything,” she tweeted.

Even though Foster will retain some custodial rights, essentially losing three children in a month’s time must be emotionally taxing. Hopefully she can stay strong. Check out the rest of her tweets about it above.



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